Job Update, Dropping Babies, And Light At The End Of The Tunnel.


So, its been 2 official weeks at my new job! And let me tell you, I am loving it! I cant begin to describe the wonderful vibes that are flowing here. I have had quite a few jobs as a nanny now and this one is just so different, in all the best ways. I am getting along beautifully with the little ones.

S is three and a half, just ask him and he'll tell ya! He has the kind of giggle that could cure sickness. He is a light and we have become the best of buds. He does go to preschool for half of the day, 4 of the 5 days I am with him, so when we do get to hang, we both just eat it up. He adores grossing me out and trying to scare me, and I couldnt love it more.

O is the little miss of the house. She is 7 months old and by my side through out the week. She is the calmer of the two, an observer in my eyes. Always looking around and really taking it all in. We have bonded so well already, I just love her. She love to be tossed and held up and then "dropped" (dont worry, I always catch her). She is reserved, but trust me, she will let you know if she's not happy. She my littlest friend, and we can talk about anything (she keeps all my secrets).

S&A are the leaders of this fierce little clan. I cannot say enough great things about them. The are two of the most down to earth people I know. They are generous and selfless and I just feel so lucky to have people like this as my bosses. Its just crazy lucky. They are amazing parents with the kind of love for their children you could spot a mile away. They are the kind of people anyone would feel lucky to have as any role in their lives in my opinion.

I truly feel blessed to have been put on this path. It is such an amazing situation. I am very independent and sometimes have a hard time loving this whole "job dictates my everyday" kind of thing, Im a free spirit that would rather live life in which ever direction the wind blows me. But having a job like this, with people like this, makes it so much easier. I did my little 2 week check in with my bosses last night, and I am please to report that they are just as thrilled with the pairing as I am. It is so hard to get down with all this positivity flowing around me. There was a light at the end of this tunnel! (See tunnel here) Thank you world for shaking up my life and landing me here!

Do any of you feel this way about your job? Or is it the complete opposite? Or perhaps have a good story on life tossing you somewhere wonderful?

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  1. It so wonderful to have a job you truly enjoy. Congrats! At this point in my professional career I guess I would say I am content. Waiting for something big to happen.




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