Not Very Awesome Days 7 and 8!


So I know I am supposed to make something awesome happen everyday, but the awesome haters of the world came together to ruin two of my precious awesome seeking days! Thursday (day 7) was pretty standard, and not super awesome, but I had planned on going out with a few friends. An awesome girls night out. However, they all bailed. I was bummed but then I was saved with the invite to go out with two of my favorite guys (the boyfriend and big kev). I was really stoked at the prospect of an awesome night being salvaged. However, the night wasnt terribly awesome. It was fun and all but, honestly, it was a bit of a snore. We only went to two places and both were super low key. We did have some good conversation but nothing really over the top awesome. When it was finally time to go back up to my apartment, I found out that I had not put my key in my bag. The one to let me into the building. I called every one that I know in the apartment but no one was home and my roommate was out of town. A big bummer. So we had to drive to the boyfriends house to sleep. It was so irritating. An awesome bust of a night!
Here are the few shots we got from one of the spots!

Me and my signature drink.
(Vodka Redbull with a splash of Pineapple Juice)

Us. Being awkward. As usual.

We dont even like each other. 

Big Kev. Killin it.

But whats even better and more awesome than my shitty night was my shitty morning. I barely drank anything and I woke up feeling like there was a rave going on inside my head. It pulsated to a perfect techno beat and I could barely stand with out feeling like falling over. The boyfriend, his roomie and I went around the corner for some breakfast. After the waiter gave me shit about being clearly hungover (still wearing sunglasses, hood on, head resting on table, ordering fruit and 7 up) and smelling the mixture of fellow diners food and the boyfriends bloody mary, I got up and went to the car hoping the brisk air would seise my urge to purge. It did for a while but lets just say, I spent the rest of the meal sleeping in the back of the car. The rest of the day got progressively worse, I ended up throwing up, couldnt get up without feeling like i was gonna fall right over, and the headache intensified. I didnt start feeling better until about 9pm when the boyfriend came over to watch a movie. An awful unawesome day!

The only upside what that I got to lay around my apartment with only the kitten and watch my favorite show on dvd, Gilmore Girls, for hours and hours on end!

My apologies for the lack of awesome on these days!

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  1. Im liking the signature drink and The Gilmores (Y)
    But i cant get last 3 seasons anywhere :\




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