Awesome Day 18: Meet Stanley Jr.


Today... I got a fishy!

I know the pics are crappy, Ill try for some better ones tonight.

Last year I had bought a fish mainly for a photography project I was doing. I named him stanley and I loved him. I mean I really loved him, which is weird cause he was just a fish. A gold fish at that. But anyways, I did love him. While I was still living life out of a suitcase, half the week in Portland, half the week in Eugene, my little fishy died. He went out with a bang though and decided to go belly up (literally) on April Fools Day. When my parents called to tell me he died, I thought it was a big joke and didnt give them much credit as they just came out with it and told me. No build up, no trying to make me worry to make the joke a bigger success. They just spit it out, "Lace, Stanley's dead." After a full five minutes of arguing since I was so sure they were lying, I realized it was true when my little brother sent me a picture message to shut me up. That was the end of Stanley.

But today, I got a new little fish. He is gold and shiny and totally awesome. I spent a full 20 minutes in front of the tank at the pet store making sure he was the perfect one. He was the smallest little guy with the best fins! He lives in Stanley's old house and I think he likes it so far. I have named him Stanley Jr. I am great with naming pets as you can already tell, im sure, just look at this post about ZombieShrimpFoodcatBonesStevens. So far he is doing great and fitting in just perfectly in Apartment 513.

  An awesome new addition.

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  1. i had two gold fish who i absolutely loved. i had them for six months and then they past on. it was a sad day for me. good luck with stanley jr.




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a folding, umbrellalike, fabric device for allowing a person, to float down safely through the air from a great height.

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