Awesome Day 10: Market, Moving, Mo!


This wonderful Sunday was full of amazing mini awesomes. Here goes...

I woke up with a happy hangover. An awesome hangover. No, literally, a hangover from so much awesome. I felt wonderful. I woke up the rest of the clan out in the living room and we spent a while just laughing as we recapped and helped each other fill in the blanks of the nights festivities. Not to mention looked at all of the pictures we both, remembered, and didnt remember taking. Then we all took the chilly stroll to the Saturday Market (that goes all weekend) down by the waterfront and looked around and had some "breakfast." It was awesome, cold, but awesome.

After I said by to my friends, it was time to go help the boyfriend move out of his apartment and into his new house with some different friends of his. It is a good move for him right now and I was glad he was doing it. However, I was not glad I was helping. I was so tired and cold and cranky. Blah! But I did the girlfriendy thing and lent him my jeep and my massive muscle in which I know he couldnt have done it without. It was both fun and awful all at the same time.

Later, was the best awesome. I stopped by Mo's Birthday Party! I cant believe my little buddy is 2! So crazy! I have missed him so much. I still hadnt seen him since my last day with him. I really have wanted to but it was a bit of an odd situation and it was just easier, or so I thought then, to just let it be for a while. But when I walked into that house and saw his long shaggy hair and his deeper voice, I had thoroughly regretted staying away at all! He hugged me and still called me Ya-Ya, I loved that! He showed me all his stuff and played with me the whole time. This was a big deal as I was afraid he might have forgotten me or atleast forgotten how much fun we have together. He hadnt and it was so awesome. I loved and hated it. It was fun and also sad to see how much he had changed in just a month and a half. As the party wound down Mo had hugged and thanked most everyone that was there and it was just me, Mo, the boyfriend, Mos parents and one grandparent left. I began saying goodbye and asked for a hug, but Mo replied with a loud and steady, NO! He wouldnt give me a hug becuase he didnt want me to go. This broke my heart because I know I had done this to him. I did exactly what I didnt want to do to him. I left one day and didnt come back. I felt awful and cried a little bit. I finally got my goodbye but it was rought and tear filled. But I promised to come back this week to drop off the last thing I had for him and hang for a little visit. It was hard to see him like that, but it was totally awesome!!!

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