Craft and Video Game Awesome Day One!


So yesterday I launched my 30 days of awesome! Let me tell you, it was awesome. The begining of my day was pretty standard, not a whole lot of awesome happenin on the work front. However a chill day of work is pretty awesome to me. After work I had a major decision to make...should I drive to JoAnns, or not? See, this JoAnns Fabrics is not your typical craft store, its a craft super store. It is the epitome of craft awesomeness and I just had to get there. It didnt matter to my that Mr. GPS (on my Ipod Phone) told me that with the friday after work traffic it would take me a half an hour just to get there. I had made up my mind and JoAnn was in my sights.

After purchasing more than I should have, as JoAnn always makes me do, I began the awesome journey home. Because of the awesome location of JoAnn and the awesome traffic still looming, I consulted Mr. GPS again to give me the best most awesome route home. He pointed me in the opposite direction of home and gave me an awesome 40 minute time estimation (I dont actually live very far from JoAnn on a regular day). After yelling some awesomely obscene words at Mr. GPS and perhaps giving him a bit of a beating, I decided to trust him and make the Uturn away from the route I was just gonna wing it with. Im so glad I did.

I was lead on an awesome trek through southeast Portland where I discovers awesome new neighborhood and awesome parks I never knew existed.  Then, while following an order from Mr. GPS, I steered my jeep onto a new road. I had never seen or heard of it before, it was big and had a highway feel to it. As I awesomely switched into freeway drive mode, pushing hard on the gas,  whipping my head from side to side making sure not to swipe anyone as I zip through lanes, I came to the top of an awesome hill. When I looked up I saw it, the sun setting over my wonderful city. I was looking at a side of Portland I had never seen. It was beautiful, I could see almost all the bridges all at the same time ( a huge feat, as one of Portlands nicknames is Bridge City). I could see the awesome Big Pink, the tallest building on the west side that is 4 blocks from my apartment so I can always gauge where my awesome dwelling is. It was just so beautiful. The frustration I had been feeling from being gone for 2 hours for a simple craft store run simply drifted away as I made my way over one of the bridges back to my side of town. It was awesome.

Once in my apartment I started on my awesome craft. I wanted to make an earring tree, or whatever those awesome things that hold your earrings are called. You see, I have this problem. Its not awesome. Its an organizational problem. I am the epitome of a creative mind, one of those people that have so much going on in their head at every given moment that I can never calm it enough to keep my surroundings in order. This is true for so many aspects in my life. Anyways, I have been particularly bugged by my disorganized jewelery lately and thought there was nothing more awesome than creating a space for it yesterday!

I made this awesome earring holder with some awesome lace and two awesome sticks. All held together with my favorite kind of glue...HOT! Hammered 3 nails in the wall for my necklaces too! I went through all my junky jewelery and got rid of everything that wasnt awesome. I made a tiny awesome step in the direction of organization! Yay for me!


After my awesome craft, we, my roomie Kait, Taylor, and Adumb, decided to go meet a couple other friends at the most awesome bar in town that just happens to be right next door to my Apartment 513! Ground Kontrol is the local Barcade! Thats right, its a bar AND an arcade. Im totally awesome at PacMan and I know and love all the dudes that work there! It was awesome, even when everyone left and I stayed to talk with Johnny and Aeden, two of my fave bartenders there. An awesome end to Awesome Day One!

This is me and Tay tryin to be hard waitin for the elevator.

Killin it at PacMan! Bad pic but you get the gist.

Mini Awesomes of the Day:
1. Chill day at work.
2. New route and view of Portland.
3. A guy sang a song out the window of a car to me about my beauty and boots on the way to GK.
4. Talking to Johnny and Aeden about their girl drama.
5. The boyfriend showed up at GK to have a midnight beer with me!

Oh and I have 2 awesome followers that have decided to GET AWESOME with me! Please follow their awesomeness too!
Lacey at Lacey in Love! (she also supplied the awesome pic at the top of this post!)
Angie at so called chaos!
And here is my awesome roommate Kaits awesome blog!

What did you think of my awesome day one? There's still time, anyone want to join in on the awesome?


  1. um so yes. i absolutely love your style. your blog kinda really rocks. i feel we are going to be good blog buddies. :] good luck on your awesome days.. and i love the earing holder. fantastic idea doll.

  2. Lovin your awesomeness, my dear! My first day of awesomeness was good too :) Nothin' too crazy awesome, but today is sure to deliver.

    ((I'm lovin this song, btw. "IT'S A FIRE TRUCK!" haha... makes me plum happy))

  3. I think that song was actually playing on someone elses blog that I had open. I closed all but yours and was like, "Where'd it go?" I am now intent on finding it so I can share the hilarity with you!

  4. I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find yours! :) I'm now going to click that little follow button so we can become buddies! Btw, are you in Portland, Maine or Oregon? I might be moving to Portland, ME next year, is why I ask! Keep up the awesomeness!

  5. Oh whaaaaaaaaat? Where is that pacman game?! A bar?

  6. Oooooh, I dig it. I've been wanting to find a way to organize my earings like that, so I think I'll try it! Thanks for the idea!

  7. That earring organizer is the perfect way to utilize the extra lace I have laying around from various craft projects! Thanks for the AWESOME idea!

  8. Found your blog thru Lacey and I've jumped on the AWESOME bandwagon, as well!
    (we jeep girls need to still together)

  9. that would be STICK together!

  10. You have a boyfriend? I feel we would nap well together....




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