PhotAwesome Day 11!!!


Today I got to do something I have wanted to do for years. As a nanny I am constantly with children, watching them grow and discover. It is awesome. There has been this project that I have been waiting to do with a child, but I had to wait for some one that was at an appropriate age for it to be worthwhile. S is the perfect age. The perfect age to discover photography!

So I took S and little O to the store and let him pick out his first disposable camera. I have wanted to do this project with film because I adore film. There is something so special about taking a photo and not getting to immediately see it on the back of your camera. There is chance and mystery about it and I wanted S to experience this. After we got the camera we headed home and I taught him how to use it. He too many pictures of his sister and his toys but I had him save half of them so we could go outside later and take the rest.

The outside photos were great! He photographed tons of trees and leaves and got some great pumpkin shots! I loved seeing him enjoying the experience as much as I was! He had a blast and so did I!


The rest of the project consists of getting the photos developed and having him go with me to pick them up and then see his photography first hand. Being able to pick up each photo and look at it in his hands instead of on a computer screen will give a greater sense of accomplishment. Or at least I think so! I would love to date them and put them in a scrap book and then repeat this project at least once a month so we can all track his progression. So far so good!

Here are the photos from the next day:


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