Why do dogs leave earth first?


I found this on pinterest via and thought it was one of the greatest perspectives I have ever seen. If you are a dog person, you will love it.

the whole story.



the whole story.
how do you share something like that.
something so big.
so full.
no combination of words could ever give it the right light.
not when this story is made up of so many things.
stories stacked on stories.
endless somethings.
first, founded by passion and mistakes.
building blindly in the midst of another story.
created by all the bits of me.
the great bits linked to the grim bits.
the desired next to the disturbing.
striving to string its own story.
only to be ceased after mere sentences.
one ending bringing on an entirely different beginning.
this one too big for words.
this one living on forever.
growing chapter by chapter deep inside of me.
sometimes behind, sometimes beside me.
and on the worst days,
on top of me.
always growing, this story,
always changing,
always the same.
its always there, but no one can see it.
how do you speak out loud
something that only lives inside you.
something thats true meaning dies
the moment it leaves your lips.
the air deflating its enormity.
with out me, the story ends.
it can never be given away.
or fully shared.
this never ending novel,
is sustained by the details only I can know.
the moments, the seconds that mean nothing to everyone else,
the seconds and the moments between the seconds,
that mean absolutely everything to this story.
how do you share something like that.
something that can only live while kept in.


The loaded gun
thats been in my back pocket
for all these months
chose last night.
Last night
to fall out
and accidentally fire.
The thing is,
the wounds
caused accidentally,
hurt just as badly
as the intended.


find, visit...

Inspiration at its finest.


I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies).

I dont think I've ever been so inspired in under four minutes. This is the most beautifully filmed documentary with inspiration radiating through every minute. Seb Montaz is unbelievably talented. It follows a group of french men that call themselves The Skyliners while they highline and basejump in some of the most beautiful places Ive ever seen. The passion is blinding and impressive. I cannot wait to see the entire thing. Take a look! 




It starts at my feet.
And it rises slow and heavy all around me.
It consumes.
It envelopes me.
It makes it hard to breathe.
Impossible to see.
And moving is entirely out of the question.
My insides battle.
I had felt so right.
I was good.
I want to push through.
Not just move, but fly.
My mind soars.
Lifted by dreams.
Carried by tomorrows.
As soon as my heart tries to follow.
The heaviness moves in.
Pulling me down.
Holding me back.
Cementing me to the ground.
It all comes back to my feet. 


10 things I learned this weekend...



1. I am getting older.
2. Mini road trips are the BEST way for me to clear my mind.
3. The costume I have been wanting to be for 7 years was so much fun!
4. Some times you should just say NO.
5. Little T Bakery is such a cute and delicious place!
6. I wish I could make videos.
7. My new household and roommates are working out so wonderfully.
8. It is officially rainy season, and Im not mad about it yet.
9. I find it hard to listen to anything buy my Bon Iver pandora station.
10. Im in the middle of a beautifully confusing time. 

What did you learn this weekend?




"They'll wish they were you."
How striking. 
Think about it.



// a quick snap of yours truly //

// Mac fell asleep DURING the game //

// grady let me take a few shots of his cute face //

// I went to Justin Bieber! Ju-stin-Bie-ber!!! //

// Adam has been visiting so much:) //

// This is Daisy. She is Dexter's main squeeze //

// I found a little surprise note the other day //
// She always falls asleep in my bed //

// I rode the sky tram! //

// Me on the road to visit my brother //

// Miss Bones. That is all. //

// I finally got Rachelle to clean out her clothes! //

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What have you been up to lately?

10 things I learned this weekend...

1. Productivity feels wonderful.
2. I can still fall asleep in a movie theatre.
3. I am in love with kettle corn!
4. My bestfriend is still my favorite adventuring partner.
5. I love my brother more now than ever.
6. I've had homebody tendencies lately and I kinda like it.
7. Kaite can make a damn good soup.
8. Another plural for octopus is octopodes. 
9. My mom loves Bruno Mars.
10. I have the friends in the world. 

What did you learn this weekend?

Pumpkin Patch Adventure!


On saturday a bunch of us went to one of the pumpkin patches out on Sauvies Island. We ate corn cobs, elephant ears, and carmel corn. We pet the cutest little piggies. We went on a hay ride. We picked out some pumpkins. We had an awesome time! 

What adventures did you have this weekend?



This is my dog, in a nutshell.

Body Language and Faking It


Tonight I watched/listened to this podcast while making dinner. In it Amy Cuddy spoke about body language and its influences not only on others but on ourselves. It was funny, heartfelt and very interesting. It definitely got me thinking. At one point I even chopped the rest of my veggies while holding a pen between my teeth (you'll see why.) The end message is something I think everyone could use. It resonated pretty strongly with me. Id say its worth a listen! Ted Talks are the absolute best. Here is the link :




We weren't talking. Not really.
The covers were up tight around my chest.
The rain picked up, the sound suddenly amplified.
I almost whispered, "I love it when it rains while im inside reading."
After a second he said, "It makes me feel more content"
And I thought, exactly, like this is where I'm meant to be.
But i didnt say it.
Those were my thoughts, my feelings.

But I guess they were his too.



Lovin' that pup!

The fires in Oregon have been making some spectacular clouds and sunsets.

Dex didnt move for hours after we got home from our 15 mile hiking adventure.

I went to Eugene for the Pretty Lights show! Nicole and Hunter decided to match.

Sometimes I forget to water my plants for two weeks. I apologize with a long bath.

Poor Grady had to say good bye to his subey. 

Awesome sunset at this months Last Thursday.

Serene Lake and Mt Hood. 
Pretty wonderful backpacking trip for the second weekend in a row!

What have you been up to lately?

Things I saw and liked...






I want to be like water. I want to slip through fingers, but hold up ships.



I've been off adventuring. 
I'll update soon!



“I actually attack the concept of happiness. The idea that - I don’t mind people being happy - but the idea that everything we do is part of the pursuit of happiness seems to me a really dangerous idea and has led to a contemporary disease in Western society, which is fear of sadness. It’s a really odd thing that we’re now seeing people saying “write down 3 things that made you happy today before you go to sleep”, and “cheer up” and “happiness is our birthright” and so on. We’re kind of teaching our kids that happiness is the default position - it’s rubbish. Wholeness is what we ought to be striving for and part of that is sadness, disappointment, frustration, failure; all of those things which make us who we are. Happiness and victory and fulfillment are nice little things that also happen to us, but they don’t teach us much. Everyone says we grow through pain and then as soon as they experience pain they say “Quick! Move on! Cheer up!” I’d like just for a year to have a moratorium on the word “happiness” and to replace it with the word “wholeness”. Ask yourself “is this contributing to my wholeness?” and if you’re having a bad day, it is.” — Hugh Mackay


[par-uh-shoot] noun, verb, -chut·ed, -chut·ing.
a folding, umbrellalike, fabric device for allowing a person, to float down safely through the air from a great height.

“But it’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing it all at once and it’s too much. My heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst. And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can’t feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life.” — American Beauty