Im back.


And although, I had an amazing and wonderful time, the transition back into my routine called reality is proving to be more difficult than I expected. I will be posting about every detail of the trip just as soon as I can catch my breath. My mind is going a million miles a second in every kind of direction. I just need some time, a moment to catch up. And everything will be alright.



Portland --> Eugene --> San Francisco --> Santa Barbara --> Magic Mountain --> ?????

We just got to Santa Barbara tonight and I havent had much time for blogging. But I just thought Id drop a little line to say that we are having such a great time and I am just so happy for this opportunity to have fun and get out and explore. I will fill you in on more when I get the chance, and dont worry... lots of pictures!!!

This week...


has been a rollercoaster...
...I had to say goodbye to my roommate tuesday night. She was leaving for the weekend and it was the last time I would see her before she leaves for her 2 month adventure through Costa Rica. Im gonna miss her so much.
...I also found out that a friend of mine died while serving in Iraq. She was a seriously wonderful person and the world did not deserve to loose her.
...I have been trying to pack for the road trip but it have proven to be quite the struggle. To say the least, it has stressed me out to the max.

But... is the day! When I am off work, we are taking off! The trip begins!
...we will be off to Eugene to spend the night with our families (and my best friend Rachelle). And in the morning...its off!
...first stop... San Fran!  Then down the coastline. I cant wait for the beach to help wash away this week.

Im so excited for our first road trip together!
(ive been eating sunflower seeds all week in preparation)

10 things I learned this weekend...


1. My health can make a complete turn for the worst in 5 minutes flat.
2. No matter how badly you want to go to dance, if you cannot stand up for a full minute, its not going to happen.
3. It is perfectly acceptable to eat dry cereal for lunch and dinner in the same day.
4. Its really hard watch movies when the sun is so rudely shining through your windows!
5. Mean girls is still one of the funniest movies ever.
6. One day you can feel like death and then next, near perfection. How wonderful is that.
7. Sunday brunch with new friends is super fun.
8. Santarias makes one hell of a veggie taco salad. Im in love!
9. When I get sick...the boyfriend gets sick.
10. My roommate Kait is such little sex kitten and wonderful model. We had such a fun photoshoot this weekend and I am so sad to see her leave our apt for 2 months while she goes off to adventure!
11. (in honor of the post pic...) Its still just as fun to take pictures of Kait taking a picture of Me taking a picture of Kait taking a picture of etc. ect. as it was back in middle school.

What did you learn this weekend?

Road Trip!


Yay! We are going on a road trip!
My wonderful job has allowed me the chance to finally DO something with my time off.
So spring break this year, the boyfriend and the California coast line.
Since we dont have heaps of time or loads of money we chose a road trip.
And we both have lots of friends and family and memories down there, so its perfect.
We have a date tonight to finalize our plans.
I cant wait!


What have I been up to?

I havent been posting much about whats going on in my real life lately. So here goes...

Ive been really busy with dance. Finally. We have been performing! Not just rehearsing. Its going really well. I love all the girls so much. Its been fun to get back to this whole team thing. It reminds me so much of high school. We are simply killin it on stage.

I havent touched a book in a couple of weeks and its making me very sad. My bedside pile is growing and growing. Ive got to dive back it. And soon!

The boyfriend and I are wonderful. Simply wonderful. He makes me laugh and I annoy him.

Ive been taking photos like crazy, of the same old stuff though. However, I have a list of new subjects I cant wait to delve into!

Im inspired. Very very inspired, but still experiencing a bit of cement syndrome. Big plans and dreams flood my mind everyday, yet I am slow moving. Time to change that though!!!

What have you been up to?

Oh hi...


I die for this...


this bed...
this brick...
this entire room.


Oh hi...

I would wear you forever if I could.

One day...


"I hope she'll be a fool. That's the best thing a girl can be in this world. A beautiful little fool."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Spotlights On...

The spotlight is now on...
I first noticed the lovely Rasha after she discovered my blog. She began commenting on, literally, every single one of my posts. Who was this girl? She was actually taking the time to always leave me something, whether it was a long heartfelt message or just a simple "oooh cool" when she liked something. I knew I just had to check this girl out. And I am so glad that I did. After just minutes in her little corner of blog land anyone can tell that Rasha is one of the most genuine and good spirited people around. I honestly couldnt be happier I found her and this tiny window into her world!

Here are just a few of the reasons I love and this is what she said... 
1. Rasha is so honest with her posting. Always inspiring and giving us the real her. I love each and every post.
2. I think Rasha may be the only other person on the planet that loves LOVE as much as I do. You can see that it just flows through every bit of her.
3. Her blog, is, um, totally freakin adorable. It is a visual feast of cuteness. Seriously.
4. She is always giving credit to people that inspire her. Something I just LOVE about blog land. Since Rasha inspires me so much, I love seeing who it is that inspires her!

OK. So there are about a million reasons why Rasha and her blog are so darn wonderful but I think you should now go and find out for yourself. Please stop in and give her some love (as she gives out so damn much of it)!!!



Thank goodness.

So I've got a thing for...

Kate Hudsons Bathroom.
Who wouldnt?

ABC's of ME!


I got this idea from the lovely Rasha! She is wonderful and so is her blog. Seriously, go check her out!

A: Age - Twenty three.
B: Bed Size - Full. But I am seriously craving and upgrade.
C: Chore you hate - Laundry!
D: Dog's name - Kilo!!!
E: Essential start your day item - Coffee.
F: Favorite color - Teal!
G: Gold or Silver - Gold.
H: Height - 5'3"
I: Instruments you play - None really. Piano for a summer.
J: Job title - Nanny & Photographer.
K: Kid(s) - Yes. In the future. 3, maybe 4!
L: Living arrangements - Apartment downtown
M: Mom's name - Donna
N: Nickname - Ace. Laceface.
O: Overnight hospital stay - When I got my tonsils out.
P: Pet peeve - 
Q: Quote from a movie - "Hi, Im Samantha. I have sex with evvvrybody!" -Forgetting Sarah Marshall
R: Right or left handed - Right!
S: Siblings - 1 little bro
T: Time you wake up - Usually 7ish.
U: Underwear - Um, yes.
V: Vegetable you dislike -Peas.
X: X-rays you've had - My neck. After an accident.
Y: Yummy food you make - Yumm Bowls!
Z: Zoo animals you like -Monkeys! Elephants! Polar Bears!
Super fun. Pass it on!

Letter to my dead girlfriend...

This had tears pouring down my cheeks. Though it is sad, I decided to share it because of the feelings it left behind in me. It made me not want to take anything for granted, cherish every, seemingly, tiny moment, and hold on to the people you love with everything you have. Lifes too short.
(click to enlarge if you cannot see it.)

10 things I learned this weekend...


1. This year is flying by.
2. Dance can always kick my butt.
3. I am dying for a road trip.
4. There is the most amazing vintage store on Hawthorne.
5. Spin class still kills me.
6. Cooking brusselsprouts is super simple.
7. I love late night trips to the bookstore.
8. I actually CAN drink too much coffee.
9. There are actually people who copy and lift entire entries from other peoples blogs. wtf?
10. I adore Sundays.
What did you learn?

So I've got a thing for...

Beautiful and feminine dresses.
Who knew?


[par-uh-shoot] noun, verb, -chut·ed, -chut·ing.
a folding, umbrellalike, fabric device for allowing a person, to float down safely through the air from a great height.

“But it’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing it all at once and it’s too much. My heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst. And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can’t feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life.” — American Beauty