What have I been up to?


I havent been posting much about whats going on in my real life lately. So here goes...

Ive been really busy with dance. Finally. We have been performing! Not just rehearsing. Its going really well. I love all the girls so much. Its been fun to get back to this whole team thing. It reminds me so much of high school. We are simply killin it on stage.

I havent touched a book in a couple of weeks and its making me very sad. My bedside pile is growing and growing. Ive got to dive back it. And soon!

The boyfriend and I are wonderful. Simply wonderful. He makes me laugh and I annoy him.

Ive been taking photos like crazy, of the same old stuff though. However, I have a list of new subjects I cant wait to delve into!

Im inspired. Very very inspired, but still experiencing a bit of cement syndrome. Big plans and dreams flood my mind everyday, yet I am slow moving. Time to change that though!!!

What have you been up to?


  1. oh I love the photo that you have with this post! I feel the same with my books piling up - I haven't been motivated to read yet my thoughts of dreams/realities to come have been taking over my mind yet still slow moving on that also! Soon though I think .... I feel a change coming in the air... ;-)

  2. I want to crawl into that photo and be that girl. Your pictures are always the best!

    Dreams building in my head too. I'm doing something about them next week and if that goes well hopefully they'll take off!

  3. Love the photo, and my books are piling up too... dang school!! and def, the same with boyfriend <3 we are so lucky in love.

  4. Yay! You read! So many people think it's weird that I read for fun. I have been reading so slowly- I need to pick up the pace!


  5. Dance?! Fun! I've just been working working and working some more between my "2" jobs. I want to dance! Maybe time to enroll in some fun classes?

  6. Love the shirt! :D

  7. sounds like things are going well! I feel ya on the books piling up.. especially when we live so close to Powell's!!!

    If you ever need a real-life couple to shoot, you've got a volunteer :) hehe

    Have fun on your road trip!!




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