10 things I learned this weekend...


1. This year is flying by.
2. Dance can always kick my butt.
3. I am dying for a road trip.
4. There is the most amazing vintage store on Hawthorne.
5. Spin class still kills me.
6. Cooking brusselsprouts is super simple.
7. I love late night trips to the bookstore.
8. I actually CAN drink too much coffee.
9. There are actually people who copy and lift entire entries from other peoples blogs. wtf?
10. I adore Sundays.
What did you learn?


  1. Nice list :)

    Ps - Did someone copy your stuff? Plagarism sucks

  2. Someone copied your stuff? That is crappy! I can't imagine why people would do that. Sometimes I borrow ideas or a quote, but I always give credit big and bold for the information. Sad day. :(

    Aren't blogs supposed to be about you? How does copying someone else's post make it about you?

  3. 1. that I cannot drink like I used to and should never try to again and just learn to accept it.
    2. I need to find a job I love and am passionate about or else I'll be stuck forever.

    Loved your list!!

  4. Copiers blow. I have come across blogs where we have some super similar posts, but theirs was posted before mine and I'm like, "OH NO!" & then immediately comment that I have a similar post & we must have a lot in common! Makes me feel bad! & Then I've come across some that are blatant copy/paste of another blog I read. Low. & a little sad.

    Haha, the Buble thing is new. I was actually watching an interview with him as I was writing that post and he was so cute I decided he could be on my list as well... but the rest, (Especially Ventimiglia,also since the Gilmore days)have just always been my celebrity boyfriends :) We have amazing taste in men, whatcha gonna do about it? haha

  5. I drink way too much coffee as well!


  6. I would have to agree with #3 & #7!!

  7. I adore this idea! <3

  8. I know of a blog where it all looks like yours and it is someone I know... random?

  9. 1) No matter what, trail mix is still a lot of calories
    2) It's easier to roll out cookie with a rolling pin rather than my hands :-p
    3) There IS a way to enjoy a gorgeous day and study at the same time!
    4) I love latte foam. But I've always known that. haha :)

    I know I learned more things, but I think that list is just dandy. :)

  10. 1) You can say you're going to do lots of homework and watch nothing get accomplished.
    2) All that sleep you were going to get is sacrificed when friends visiting from out of town pop in for the weekend.
    3) When you least suspect it, your ex reappears in your life again and is sweet to you. *sighs*

  11. 1. I just learned that you and I are super similar.
    2. Lake Tahoe is the most spectacular place ever.
    3. Running drunk through a snowstorm is incredible as long as you're with friends.
    4. Boys are so much easier to travel with than girls.
    5. I have the greatest friends in the world.

    Another amazing post, my dear!

  12. Anonymous3.3.10

    You always cause me to appreciate the simple things in life! I am always smiling when I come across your new posts. Thanks.


    Hannah Katy

  13. I really enjoy your blog, and I'm sorry someone copied your work. That is super frustrating and unfair.

    I wanted to mention that as a courtesy in the blog world, you should mention where you've found something (like this picture you found on my blog). That way we're all sharing information and helping each other out. If I found an idea/photo on your blog I would say I got it from you hoping some of my readers would come check your blog out! :)




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