ABC's of ME!


I got this idea from the lovely Rasha! She is wonderful and so is her blog. Seriously, go check her out!

A: Age - Twenty three.
B: Bed Size - Full. But I am seriously craving and upgrade.
C: Chore you hate - Laundry!
D: Dog's name - Kilo!!!
E: Essential start your day item - Coffee.
F: Favorite color - Teal!
G: Gold or Silver - Gold.
H: Height - 5'3"
I: Instruments you play - None really. Piano for a summer.
J: Job title - Nanny & Photographer.
K: Kid(s) - Yes. In the future. 3, maybe 4!
L: Living arrangements - Apartment downtown
M: Mom's name - Donna
N: Nickname - Ace. Laceface.
O: Overnight hospital stay - When I got my tonsils out.
P: Pet peeve - 
Q: Quote from a movie - "Hi, Im Samantha. I have sex with evvvrybody!" -Forgetting Sarah Marshall
R: Right or left handed - Right!
S: Siblings - 1 little bro
T: Time you wake up - Usually 7ish.
U: Underwear - Um, yes.
V: Vegetable you dislike -Peas.
X: X-rays you've had - My neck. After an accident.
Y: Yummy food you make - Yumm Bowls!
Z: Zoo animals you like -Monkeys! Elephants! Polar Bears!
Super fun. Pass it on!


  1. Time you wake up - 7ish :) You're my idol :D
    Very cool ABC of you ;)

  2. Aww thanks for the love. I love you more than anything. Your blogs inspiring! Thanks for the nice things :)

    Cuteness. I love forgetting sarah marshal, haha!! and I totally love the um yes for underwear, when I got to that i was like whaaa? lol.

    Love you girl.

  3. Posting this on my blog and linking it straight to you.

  4. Ohh! This is cool I'm posting it as well--with a pretty little string back to you.


  5. I just randomly happened to stop by your blog (actually I found it on Barry's blog). I absolutely love it!

    Much love,

  6. this is such a fun idea! :) thanks for sharing.

  7. haha favorite movie quote: BUSHIT BUSHIT BUSHIT! -Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  8. I love it!! I really like your answers!

  9. Randomly stoped by your blog. I love this idea! lovely ABC's.




[par-uh-shoot] noun, verb, -chut·ed, -chut·ing.
a folding, umbrellalike, fabric device for allowing a person, to float down safely through the air from a great height.

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