Road Trip!


Yay! We are going on a road trip!
My wonderful job has allowed me the chance to finally DO something with my time off.
So spring break this year, the boyfriend and the California coast line.
Since we dont have heaps of time or loads of money we chose a road trip.
And we both have lots of friends and family and memories down there, so its perfect.
We have a date tonight to finalize our plans.
I cant wait!


  1. So excited and jealous! Have fun gorgeous.

  2. Make sure to get some great road tunes and have a lovely time.
    California is awesome in the spring...not too hot yet--not that we ever really get cold.


  3. Man, is this a great subject for a post or what??

    I'm sure you and your boyfriend will have an awesome time!

  4. All the best..have lots of fun! :)

  5. Love it! I'm headed to the coastline, too, with my lovely little giggly in the sun!!! Enjoy!

  6. Aww I totally love roadtrips!!! Have a blast, make lots of memories and take lots of photos!

  7. Road trips are the best!! I wish I was in your shoes!


  8. Very awesome! My roommate and I are talking about driving the coastline this year, that should be amazing!

  9. My bf and I were actually thinking of doing the same thing this Summer...check out wine country and then maybe do Disneyland for a few days! It's the perfect roadtrip- such great scenery! Have fun :)

  10. oh how fun! i am so jealous :( when you go on your road trip, if you haven't read it yet, please read "On The Road" - Jack Kerouac. my fav. book ever. and you will want to road trip every other month after reading it haha.

  11. Ah! I just got back from my California trip. I was able to do a full weekend of traveling down the 1. If you have the time I would suggest going to Big Sur. One of my absolute favorite places on the planet, and you can camp for free. :) Where ever you end up going I'm sure it will be glorious! See you soonly.

  12. I love road trips and living in LA, I have planned on doing one up the CA coastline and hope you have a lovely time, fun! I look forward to some pics on your blog too! :)

    Liesl :)

  13. I shall miss thee :(

    Please eat mass amounts of candy/sunflower seeds/gatorade/goblin stones.

    love, kait




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