Awesome Day 3: Table for 5 and a 1/2 Please!


 Girls and Goodbyes!

So I have this awesome group of friends. We are a group of girls, yes, girls! I know its weird when I have girls around. Anyways, the not awesome news is one of them, Brandi, is moving to California in 2 weeks. It is very sad, but it is the best thing for her and her family right now, she has a husband and 2 beautiful kids. So one of the girls had the awesome and brilliant idea to bring the three girls that live in Eugene up here to the two of us that live in Portland for a day trip and some goodbyes. Shalane, the other Portland friend, just had an adorable baby girl not even 3 weeks ago, and two of them had not met her yet also! So it was set to be a day of hellos (to the baby) and goodbyes (to Brandi.)

We all met up at Shalanes house and started the awesome trek to Macaroni Grill! Yum!!!! It was so fun to be all girly and talk about drama and boys for a change. We taunted the waiter that wouldnt give us the time of day for the first half hour we were there. But once I gave my obscenely particular and wit-filled order, he befriended us and was quite an awesome kick in the pants! I had the most amazing and awesome pasta EVER! We talked about weddings and babies, boyfriends and jobs, bars and slutty girls from high school. It was awesome.

Stephanie and Brandi
 Rachelle and Shalane
(the sisters if you couldnt tell :) )
I love these girls so much. We arent the closest group of friends, but with out fail, every birth or birthday, wedding or breakup bash, promotion or whenever someone just needs the rest of us, we all come together. It is going to be very sad to not have Brandi be a part of all of these moments anymore. But on the awesome side of things, we now have an awesome reason for an awesome road trip to the awesome bay area!

Brandi, Steph, Shalane, Rachelle, and Me
Oh! And Baby Audrey!


After my official goodbyes to everyone I headed over to the boyfriends. He had wanted me to come over after my girly get-together all day and I was looking forward to seeing him. BUT, when I got there it was dark and loud and our friend Kevin was over. AND, they were playing video games. The loud shooting obnoxious and annoying kind. It was so far from awesome I wanted to puke! They sure loved it though.
The Boyfriend
 Big Kev

 Lovin this STOOPID game

So I took an awesome nap instead (if you havent noticed I have this little love affair with naps) and then finished my awesome pasta! The night ended awesomely enough, I fell asleep wrapped in the boyfriend. Always awesome!

Mini Awesomes:
1. Two hours of waking up, playing, drinking coffee, taking pictures and flirting with the boyfriend in bed.
2. No parking ticket from yesterday!
3. Catching up with my best friend Rachelle in private during the car ride.
4. Seeing baby Audrey again!
5. Amazing Pasta, Seriously AWESOME!

Does anyone have a group of friends that have been split up like this before?

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  1. Aww! It's good you were able to see your friends, and sad that the one is reason. Way to see it as an opportunity for a road trip though! :)




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