Awesome A-web 22!


So my roommate Kait went to school in Boulder. There she made about a million awesome friends that think that she is so equally awesome that they all come here to Portland to visit her. This means that I get to make friends with all of these super awesome people. This weekend, I got to meet one of the most awesome of all....A-Web!

Her name is alyssa and she is the dope shit. She loves Hip Hop music and dancing and thats why we became instant friends! She was so much fun! But the best part about her was that she brought the whole crew together for a night of old time festivities.

We started the night off with an awesome game of apples to apples. This game is awesome already, but our home made version is even better! You all get to choose the adjectives and nouns and make them more specific to you and your friends! Its pretty wonderful!

Later, we went out! It had been quite a while since I went out big with everyone. We started at Ground Kontrol, the super awesome barcade! I loooove it there! I killed it on PacMan a bit and then danced so hard. The DJ was actually playing Hip Hop, at GK! So not the norm, but I took full advantage and made a hiphoppin fool of myself infront of all the gamer geeks! Then it was off to TUBE! The bar that actually feels like youre in a tube, is full of hipsters and emotion, and always servin heaps of Hamms! They usually play tons of random music, but.....tonight it was HipHop again! This was like a dream come true. I would usually be tearing up the dance floor on my own as most of my friends here in Portland are not huge on the dance scene (even though Kait does a mean dino dance) but in swoops Aweb! We danced the night away!

Im so glad to have met Alyssa and Im so sad that she has gone back to the land of sun and snow. Come back soon!


  1. i just realized you left me an award!! you are so sweet, and it made my day!! I love your blog as well, and it is so inspiring to me. another reason why we should be friends and hang out all the time when i move to portland :)

  2. also.. i gave you an award back! and i would love it if you would answer the questions about yourself that i added to it! i hope it's okay that i changed it a tad :)




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a folding, umbrellalike, fabric device for allowing a person, to float down safely through the air from a great height.

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