Awesome 9: Billy the Birthday Boy!


I have this friend. His name is Billy. We met when I joined dance team in high school. I could not dance. I was a tomboy til the end. I was very into and very good at soccer, it was my thing. So it was a huge shock when I one day quit soccer and decided to try out for the dance team at my new high school. My parents were concerned, as, I really, could not keep a beat to save my life. However, I tried out. I made it, but only cause no one gets cut from JV. To make a long story short, I improved and made varsity in 5 months. I could all the sudden hold my own and throw triple turns out of no where. It was then that I began following in Billys footsteps.

He was two years older than me and everyone knew who he was. He was dance team Billy. He was so good and always stood out. We clicked. We because great friends right away. We had the same humor and vulgarity. He also took me under his wing a bit and began grooming me to take over the spotlight one day. Which I did. Hehe.

After he graduated we didnt get to hang out as much until my senior year when I joined a hip hop company that he danced and choreographed for. We were at it again, and I loved it. A couple years later he made a break for it and began living a lovely and very different life, dancing on cruise ships. It always sounded so extravagant and wonderful. I was fully jealous. This is when I stopped seeing him. He would be gone for months at a time only coming home for a couple weeks, if at all. I only saw him once since he left the first time he left for a short picnic lunch in Eugene one day a couple of years ago. awesome day 9!!!!

I had found out that Billy was in town for a bit and asked if he would like to get together. He said he was going out for his birthday, that was the next day, on a Saturday night and that I should come too. It was perfect as all of the places he wanted to go were within 5 blocks of my apartment, so I offered up my space for prefunking and a crash pad. I was so excited when he accepted and said that two of our friends from dance that I havent seen in years were coming too. So awesome!

It was so much fun. It started off with a dressy dinner at Matador. Yes, I wore a dress, a dressy one (thanks a lot Kristen, she made me to it!) Then back to my place for drinks! We stayed longer than we wanted but it was perfect because I was able to light a candle in the cupcake I was hiding and sing happy birthday to him right at midnight! So awesome! We then went out for a night of drinks and dancing, then a super early breakfast and back to my house for stupid and silly drunken shenanigans! I cant tell you how much fun I had with my old friends. Or what it meant to me to not only see Billy again, but to share his birthday with him! I loved it! And it was so much more than awesome!

Fun. Fun. Fun.

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