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(all my cards and then my favorite ones i sent)

Hey guys! I hope you are having a spectacular weekend!
I just popped down to Eugene for the weekend but thought I would stop in and let you all know about one of the coolest things ever!
A few weeks ago I came across this website called Postcrossing! It is a site that hooks you up with people from all over the world through post cards. What? How does it work you ask? Well, after you sign up you are given your first address. You can look at the persons profile and learn a little bit about them and then you send them a postcard. Once the recieve it the enter the card ID you have written on it and then it shows up on your map as one of the places you have sent to. You can have up to five cards out traveling at a time. And once your first card is entered into the system, your address is then sent to some one and you start receiving cards. You can costomize where you want to send to or receive from. And if you want to swap back and forth with the same person at all. It really is a cool and fun concept, and did i mention FREE to join. I just sent out my first batch of cards and cant wait for every one to get my little hellos. I sent one to China, Germany, two to Russia and one to the east coast here in the US. How cool!
I am so excited to get my first one and start my new collection!
Go check it out!


  1. Anonymous22.1.11

    I'm checking it out now!

  2. Interesting. Checking it out. ps where did you get your girl in the header?!

  3. how fun is that!! thanks for sharing!

  4. ooh this is so neat! nothing like getting a postcard in the mail! thanks for sharing :)

  5. Anonymous24.1.11

    i already become a member for a year..
    and yes it's so much fun!!! :)

  6. Anonymous29.1.11

    I've signed up with them twice, but always after moving I stopped. it was great. maybe I should join up again :)




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