Later Gator...


On my way down to Eugene this weekend, I received this text from an unknown number.
The green are my responses. 
I thought this was hilarious and thus blog worthy...

There were a couple of times this weekend that I caught myself wondering about The Gator...
Who was he?
Or was he a she?
How and where did they meet Tad?
How and where did they gain the title The Gator?
Does Tad feel super rad about knowing someone called The Gator?
& lastly,
 did The Gator appreciate the time I took to compliment his texting skills or at least my wit?

Thanks Gator for providing me the comic relief I needed to get me from Portland to Eugene.


  1. I always wish I could make friends with people who randomly text me on accident. Haha. I really want to know who they are actually trying to get in touch with. I'm in love with the picture of the girl and dog in your banner. Where did you find it? Or did you make it?

  2. HAHAH this is great... simple pleasures ;)

  3. ok that's the most awesome thing I have ever seen - you should call and see who he is - id like to have a friend named The Gater - kinda like The Dude in the Big Labowski - that's a lot of awesomenss




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