My Christmas Highlights


I had a very very good Christmas. I love Christmas time so much. There is just something about this time of year. I simply adore it. Here are some of my favorite parts of my trip home, in order of appearance.

Girls Night In: This year I decided to make all of the gifts for my girlfriends. I made everyone pillows with personal sayings, quotes, or meaningful words, a little piece of framed friendship art and headbands. Giving gifts is my favorite part of Christmas. So I wanted to get all the girls together to at least see each others faces for the holiday, so we put together a somewhat last minute girls night. I am really loving these girls nights! First of all, I have never had a lot of girlfriends. I have always had my Rachelley, since we were 11, and then there were the other few, still very wonderful best friends, but turned out to not be lifers. I have however, always had boys, heaps of guy friends to keep track of. BUT, for the past six months I have grown a pretty radical small but tight group of girls. We are all very different but it works. We are real and true and thats the most important thing. We have started this little tradition of getting the girls together, most often whenever i can come to town since I am the only one up here in Portland. It is simply wonderful. This night was my favorite one so far. Not because everyone loved the gifts i made, but because things got a little crazy. One of my friends sells Pure Romance and brought a few goodies to share with everyone. After about an hour of all of us giggling, getting way to excited and using my favorite word VAGINA almsot too often, Jessica was in her car to go get her full supply. She came back and we were delighted to have a full presentation equipped with free samples, testers and vibrators galore. Oh how I love my uninhibited friends! It was the perfect Christmas gift, since Im pretty sure we all orders ourselves some gifts.

Christmas Eve In: Every year since I was about 16 we have had the same quests for Christmas Eve. My ex-boyfriends family. Weird? Not really. Our families got very close and share a lack of family members in Oregon so a tradition was born. I have a great friendship with my ex and its not awkward at all. This year was especially fun since he and I opened the same present, at the same time, dart guns! It was a race and I won! Then I became OBSESSED with trying to shoot out the flame of one of my mothers candles. Im sad to report my gun was taken away before I succeeded. The night ended with an intense game of UNO (that the boyfriend showed up and join in for, yes, you must be able to hang in my awesome yet sometimes awkward life, and he does) and I tied for first. It was pretty darn fun.

Christmas Eve Out: After Uno, it was time for my other Eve tradition, a night out at The Cooler, one of my favorite bars in Eugene. It is the place where I know everyone that works there and most everyone from my high school frequents it. Over the years it just turns out that all my old friends show up there on Christmas eve. It was low key and fun and full of friends. I loved it.

Christmas Morning: Nothing super special just a solid few hours with my parents, my brother and the dogs! I love time like this with my family, it doesnt happen often enough. Not to mentions my parents stocked me up with all house junk I needed. Lucky girl. And the best part, every one loved their presents from me! yay!

Gordy: So I have this friend. His name is Gordy. He is the best guy ever and has been one of my best friends for years. He is the one that took me in when I moved to Portland and stayed on his couch for just a little too long:) We had a bit of a falling out, not triggered by anything really, just grew apart and things got a little weird as far as making the first move back towards our  friendship. BUT, he texted me a Merry Christmas and that was that. I texted back saying lets just meet up (he lives in Seattle now, but his family is in Eugene still) and we did. We met at The Cooler (the only place I knew was open) and had the ultimate catch up sesh! I am so lucky to have some one like Gordy in my life, some one that doesnt want to hear me apologies and wipe the slate clean and calls me his sister. I just feel better knowing he is back in my life like he used to be. This was the best part of my Christmas! Cheesy I know but getting my best friend back was the best gift I received. (yes, you make pause to throw up now)

All in all, a great holiday, and that was just some of it. I love love loved it.
How was your Christmas?


  1. sounds like a great holiday!

  2. I really LOVE this post about your friendships! And sounds like you had an amazing christmas!




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