Awesome Day 30: Halloween!



Is is one of those holidays? The ones that have all the hype and high expectations for an amazing night but only leave you feeling let down in the end. Im not sure. Last years Halloween was so far the only one that left me completely satisfied. But I think it might be. Like New Years Eve.

The night for me was a success, but, with a lot of buts. We were supposed to hang out with our typical group of friends but they all went to a concert that we werent particularly interested in. Prefunking was fun. Champagne and pizza, but, we lost two of our expected entourage. The first party was fun. It was the boyfriend's friend and he is super awesome and fun to hang out with. But, although the crowd was very nice, it just wasnt our steaze. I felt out of place (which doesnt happen often) and wanted to be with my friends. The second party was fun. An awesome venue with the party guaranteed to grow exponentially throughout the night, but, we both got sleepy and super tipsy. We ended up walking home early, im sure, even though I have no idea what time we left. We wanted to make popcorn and watch The Office, but I passed out before the popcorn was fully popped and the boyfriend passed out before he could eat any of it. I woke up in the morning to a full bowl of popcorn right by my head and my laptop still in the middle of us on the bed. I think we had too high of hopes the entire night. Especially the end of the night.

I really did have a great time the entire night but I think this is the first Halloween I would have rather stayed in to watch a scary movie and gift trick or treaters.

And the boyfriend got me a Halloween Rose!
Im so lucky.

How was your Halloween? What did you dress as?


  1. Those sweaters with the polka-dots are adorable!!! What a lucky girl to get a rose :)
    I'm with ya on the staying in part...that's what we did...that's what we do every year. Right after a full hour of trick or treating with the kiddos that is. We enjoy passing out candy and watching a movie. Safely snuggled on our couches that is.

    Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing your pics with us.

  2. Love love love the costumes! What a great idea. It was my boyfriend's mom's bday so we went for dinner, and then had some drinks and played a mean game of UNO! Yes, we are crazy like that! :P




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