Awesome Day 28: Twilight Night.


This was an awesome day for many reasons but I am going to straight to the big one! I ended this day with typical, or so I thought, movie night with the boyfriend. The movie....Twilight!

I am officially obsessed! I now get it! I did the same thing with Harry Potter. I made fun of all the followers and then once I finally picked up the book and didnt put it down til I was done. This is turning out to be the same kind of deal. I am officially eating my words and in love with twilight. Even though I broke a major rule of mine, seeing a movie before reading the book, I am hooked. No one ever told me it was a love story! I would have seen it forever ago! I am a sucker for romance and I thought the movie would be full of biting and blood. Man was I wrong! I am embarrassed to say I have had the dvd on repeat since the first viewing. But I dont care. I love it that much.

And the answer is yes, 
I would marry Edward Cullen.


  1. haha I know , I didn't know what all the hype was about either until my roommate forced me to read the series. :D Are u looking forward to New Moon now? Nov. 20th!


    I am not even remotely embarrassed about being an avid Twilight Bandwagoner! Have you started the books? You will burn through them so fast! And you better get caught up and get those New Moon tickets miss. I already have mine. Midnight Showing thank you very much!

  3. Welcome then, welcome to the fan club, my friend! I recommend the books, they are amazing!




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