One Bastard of a Headache...


Last night, actually, alllll day yesterday, I had a terrible headache. Im sure it was conceived the evening before from the impetuous pairing of champange and PBR, but this wasnt your typical hangover. I promise you that.

I hadnt actually consumed very much and felt very fine in the morning with the exception of the headache. I know my limits and I followed my recipe for success (having fun, but still being able to get to work not only on time but while still actually being able to work), eat before bed, down entire glass of water, sleep, wake up a half an hour earlier to take advil, chug another glass of water, and get to lay back down before the real alarm goes off. And, for the most part, it worked. Again, I felt great, aside from the typical tired and this damn headache. 

Throughout my day said headache's intensity decided to take a bit of a rollercoaster ride, I would feel better for a while and then the next second, sharp shooting pains stemming from my neck, causing me to have to lie down. It was a blast, let me tell ya. I am glad to say, that during my most difficult tasks of the day, Mr. Headache decided to give me a break. However, I am positive now, it was out of pure pity because I later found out what he had been plotting all day long, and he definately left the worst of it, for last.

All day I had planned on cleaning my entire house and then enjoying a massive serving of down time with the boyfriend. After work, I was starving and I knew I had nothing in the house so I went to the market. Once there, the headache began to grow and since I couldnt concentrate enough to shop, I settled with some noodles from the hot wok station and began home. I couldnt wait to get myself and my new friend, Headache, home to lie down on the couch for a bit. 

Luckily, I scored a close parking spot, but still, with every step toward my apartment door, it was as if some one was twisting the knife that had been permanently lodged in the base of my skull. I spent the elevator ride with my eyes closed, giving a pep talk convincing myself I could make it down my hallway with out passing out.

Somehow I managed to dump my noodles in a bowl, get a glass of water and turn on Gilmore Girls (very low volume). I ate as much as I could (which wasnt much at all) and then stuffed my face into the back of the couch, choosing to stick sweatily to the leather rather than have any bit of light work its way through my eyelashes intensifying this bastard of a headache. 

I dont remember much, it was all a bit of a blur, but the roommate and friend came in to begin cooking some dinner and I got the signal (loud call from phone under pounding head) that the boyfriend was at the balcony. Next thing I know I am in my room, its dark and I didnt know why I was not in there the whole time, and the boyfriend is brushing hair from my forehead telling me hello. This means I must have dropped the key down to the street below, but I dont remember doing so. He saw my misery before I needed to say anything at all, one of his many talents, and asked me what I needed to feel better from the store. I told him, with a perfect description, the only pain reliever that ever takes away these kinds of headache (no, I am not a migraine virgin) and also said that if he passed a rootbeer during his travels, i wouldnt be mad if he brought it home to me.

While the boyfriend was gone searching in more than one store (he is great like that) for the perfect pain relieving cocktail, I showered and then fell asleep on top of my sheets, still in my bathrobe, my hair twisted in a towel. The presents had arrived. Another bit of a blur but I took more than the reccomended dosage of the correct little capsules, laid my head on the boyfriends lap and whispered heaps of nonsense to him as he ate his sandwich and pretended he actually understood all the words I sloppily strung together. 

We watched a movie from his laptop that was perched on his stomach, well, he watched, I slept and cursed off and on. When it was over, the asshole of a headache was softer, but still kickin. I swallowed more relief and laid in the dark for a bit. As we chatted and joked I could feel Mr. Headache slowly slipping away and I was eternally grateful to feel like myself again. After a little love sesh and a shared meal of edemame dipped in soy sauce, the boyfriend and I turned on another movie and and fell asleep wrapped in only each other, just after the opening credits. It was quite the night.

I opened my eyes this morning and whispered quiet but plentiful thank yous to the boyfriend while still slept because I honestly dont know if I could have made it through the night with out his care. I woke up with a feeling of tenseness right where Mr. Headache had taken real estate the day before and wished with everything I had that he would not settle in for a second day. I am happy to report that he has not yet showed up again and I am doing everything I can to keep it that way. 

Side Note: It is weird, these headaches I have been getting. They have been coming up a lot lately. Some times out of nowhere, sometimes (like yesterday) stemming from a hangover thing that would normally go away in an hour or so with the help of an asprin. They are very similar to my old "neck headaches", the headaches I would get after a minor car accident I was in that would, at times, leave me limp on the couch for an entire day. I am just worried because they are showing up more often and I do not know why.

Do any of you ever have headaches like the one I had yesterday? Or know why I might be getting these? Or any tips on what to do if another one show up?


  1. ugh, that sounds awful! Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  2. Anonymous29.9.09

    I find it helps to go TO A DOCTOR




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