Dex turns 2!


Today my little buddy, Dexter, turned 2. I have always been a dog person. I know that we are a breed (see what I did there) of our own, us dog people, and you all understand what I mean. But there is something special about this one though. He has my heart on a string. He is always there for me when I need a snuggle or someone to direct random thoughts to. He has made this whole "strong independent chick" thing not only possible but enjoyable as I am never quite alone. I always have my little, well, not so little guy with me. He gets me. He lets me work when I need to, he naps with me when Im tired, and he is ready to play outside when I am feeling restless. He's the best.

A lot of things are the same about this stud muffin since the last birthday post such as...

Dex still...
loves people!
must sleep with at least one part of him on at least one part of me. (my favorite)
is one of the happiest pups I know.
wont fetch correctly.
can sit really really well.
loves playing with other dogs more than anything.
prefers christmas toys over regular toys.
can curl up so tiny for such a big guy.
gets filthy the first two minutes we enter a dog park.
tries to get to the people in a drive through, every time.
is super soft. all the time. 

Dexter's new party tricks include...

laying down!
a very funny and unique attempt at howling.
hating olives.
being able to run on a leash with out holding the leash in his mouth.
staying. sometimes.
wanting to eat or play with every squirrel he sees.
almost tolerating bath time.
being extra stinking cute when he wants your food.
turning his head to one side when I say "treat" melting my heart instantly. 

This morning I kept the tradition going of spending a good couple hours of his bday at the dog park. And just like last year he found the biggest mud puddle, walked right into, and LAYED DOWN! I cant even be mad at this little guy. He makes me so happy most of the time, that once and a while, Ive just gotta go with it. He also made friends with 2 big dogs and 1 tiny one. And now he is currently napping with the aforementioned mud dried on to his normally very soft fur. I am allowing him as many pleasurable hours as possible before sticking him in the tub. 

Dexter's "treat" face.
Man I love this guy.


  1. awe! happy happy birthday!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  2. oh my goodness, i don't think this could be any cuter?! so perfect! and a very happy birthday to your baby Dex!
    xo TJ

  3. my cat's name is Dexter! Happy Birthday Dexter!!

  4. Whoa, congrats and long live for Dex! Pets are such adorable and loving company. Got my own Kina the king cat too. :-)

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  5. He is a beautiful dog, happy birthday to him! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I just started following yours :)

  6. love puppies! my baby trix is the best. such a cute little pup :)
    {love} lauryn




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