Oh Hi! Yep. Im still here!


 Rachelle // Palm Desert

So yes, I am back from my road trip. It was absolutely wonderful. But, since being back I have had a few of the roughest days Ive ever had to deal with. First, I came home to find that I was locked out and could not get into my house until the next day. I broke down. After being gone for a week and a half all I wanted was my own bed and to get settled for the week. Luckily, Dex and I were taken in for the night and not left on the streets with all of my stuff. The next morning I went straight to work and Puppy stayed with Phil. A few hours later I get a call that Dex is very sick. I sent him to the vet and they started working on him and trying to find out what was wrong. No luck there. Long story short, after hundreds of dollars they couldnt figure out what was wrong. He was still bad but sent home with me for the night as they do not keep dogs overnight and I really couldnt afford to take him to the overnight animal hospital. I took him back the next day and it wasnt until we walked into the vet that he began to perk up. She took his temp and since it was down said he could go with me instead of being hooked up to fluids again. I had to do a food trial with him last night and keep a very close eye on him. But as of this morning I think he is gonna be fine. Still not 100% but on his way. I am just so glad he will be ok, I dont know what Id do without him. 

And now I am getting back into the swing of things. If you are expecting an email, you should get it soon. I am also ready to put up my new sponsors tomorrow!!! YAY! I am still accepting last minute donations and sponsorships if you are interested! PLEASE consider it as Japan is still very much in need and every penny counts! No donation is too small! Just email me Thanks!

And dont worry. I will be posting about the epic road trip as soon as I can!


  1. You weren't joking when you said you have been having a bad week! Feel better & hope your doggie does too. :)


  2. Busy lady. So glad he is feeling better.

    Love you lady!

  3. Oh I hope your doggy will feel better soon! Poor animal!




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