10 things I learned this holiday season...


1. I have the most amazing family I could hope for.
2. Its the little things that mean the most.
3. I am more appreciative (and impressed) of the thoughtfulness behind the gifts I was given.
4. This year absolutely flew by.
5. Im getting anxious about the future.
6. I am lucky and loved.
7. Its getting harder to keep good and meaningful friendships going.
8. Im tired of not feeling health.
9. Im still the one that organizes all of the plans. :)
10. I absolutely adore the holidays, I honestly didnt know just how much until this year.

What did you learn?


  1. 1)I love and miss the cold. It's hardly ever cold here.
    2)20sb is a genuine community.
    3)I love my bf more than I realize.
    4)I am interested in what I'm studying for the first time!
    5)God will always be there for me. InshaALLAH.
    ...And, I'm kinda lazy to complete the rest :P
    But I love how you know that it's the little things that matter. :)

  2. Anonymous7.1.10

    great list. I learned to appreciate the little things, and my loved ones.

  3. Well, I learned that 2009 really was a crap year and i am ready for renewed hope and a sense of purpose!

  4. Nahl-i love your list! each one is really an amazing thing to learn!
    beeyum- thats what counts! the little things...
    Organic Meatbag- bahaha! i couldnt have said it better myself!




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