The Christmas Post.


Please listen while you enjoy.
I truly had a wonderful Christmas this year. Thanks to my amazing job, I had 2 full weeks off. The plan was to spend a handful of days in my hometown of Eugene. However, I was in major need of a dentist visit so one opening landed me at my parents house the tuesday night before Christmas. It was weird and lovely to be at my parents house for that long. It finally doesnt feel like my home anymore. A bittersweet feeling, I admit. But I filled my time with last minute crafting and wrapping, sitting and talking with my parents, getting to know their new and wonderful little dog lily, and going out with good and old friends. It was pretty amazing. The best part? I got my dog (a joint custody pup) for the day (and one night). He is my best little buddy and I miss him already.

As for the gifts... I couldn't be happier. About what I got and what I gave this year.

For my family (mom, dad and brother) I got practical mostly items off of their lists. This is how my family thrives. And they loved each one.

For my best girlfriends...Knitted cowl neck scarves, homemade headbands and individual specific paintings or photography (not pictured) for them.

For Bryce, my "nephew"... a nike shirt and a truck, I think he liked it.

For the boyfriend...
Another flannel for the collection (to be stolen by me very shortly)

A nerf shotgun (big hit)

A vintage 49er starter jacket than he has aparently been wanting since birth (even bigger hit)

What did I get you ask? Too much, but here are some of my faves...

From my parents... a much needed and super cute purple vaccuum. And new white sheets! Yes! (see, the practical gifts)

From my little brother... A mirror with a little engraving on the bottom saying I love you Sis. (what he always calls me)

From my roommate Kait... A pinhole camera!

From my bestfriend Andi... a snuggie! I knew Id eventually join the club!

From my other bestie Rachelle... 2 bags of cottoncandy, a new travel coffee cup (which is eco friendly and mainly why she bought it for me), the twilight dvd and the best... a mix tape cd of all of our favorite dance songs, my favorite songs from high school or any of my gangsta ish! Basically our friendships soundtrack. She couldnt have done better!

And last but so not least, from my amazing boyfriend...The new fuji instax camera I have been dying for and truly NEVER thought I would own. I adore it!

My Christmas was perfect.
How was yours?


  1. OHMYGOD fuji instax, I die. You are one lucky lady. Also, I am swooning over your purple vacuum. I have a love for cute household appliances. Glad your Christmas was so good!!! xo

  2. Ooft! Your Christmas sounds perfect - apart from the dentist part. Mine was wonderful too and I think the most surprising gift of all was me feeling comfortable being an adult for the first time ever and hosting Christmas for my brother and his girl friend.
    It was great. I'll be looking back on this Christmas with fondness forever more :)

  3. Anonymous2.1.10

    aw. it looks perfect! i love the camera. lucky you!

    happy new year :)

  4. That camera looks so cool! My BF would love that nerf gun too. What is it with grown men and stupid children's toys?

  5. i have an instax too! aren't they the greatest? the blog :)




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