The way overdo Thanksgiving post...


Wow! This Thanksgiving weekend was INTENSE! To say the least.
oh, and i didnt take one effing picture all weekend! wtf?

It started on a wednesday. 
The boyfriend and I drove down to Eugene together. We got an early start so we wouldnt get stuck in the holiday traffic, but leaving early did not deter me from wanting to go to sleep the second we hit the freeway. So, we decided to play 20 questions. It actually did the trick. It made the trip fly by, not only did I stay awake, but I was alert and speaking, and, best of all, we found out I totally rock at the game! I kicked his butt!

When we got to Eugene however, we were entirely ready to let everyone know we had arrived yet. So we hid out in the 1.50 theatre! We saw the invention of lying and I cant believe how good it was. It was really well written, very smart. But we couldnt dodge the inevitable any longer so the boyfriend took me to my parents and then went off to dinner at his.

We met back up later that night and headed out to see all the friends! It was really fun! I saw tons of people I hadnt seen in a very long time, and got to spend a lot of time with my closest friends and my little brother. Although I drank much more than I had wanted to, I had a very good night and first few hours HOME.

The Turkey Day.
I woke up a little wobbly and couldnt get the door of the "guest room" open. I later found out it wasnt the residual alcohol, it was in fact the doors fault and my dad assured me he'd get right on it. I spend most the morning watching TV with my parents. They are very low key and I love that about them. Its just me, my parents and my brother, so holidays tend not to be a huge ordeal. But for the boyfriend...things are different. He has a huge family! They are all very involved! And with his parents being separated we were in for quite a hectic weekend!

The day actually started around noon, when I followed the boyfriend out to his dads house. About a 20 minute drive down windy roads in the pouring rain. Standard Oregon Thanksgiving.  A full house and a beautiful meal was what we had in store for us. It was so nice to hang out with a big family. I love it. There were in laws and friends everywhere. Im pretty sure I never put down my wine glass. The dinner was great, though I only had two things (Thanksgiving really lost its luster when I became a vegetarian). But it pained everyone else more than it did me. The boyfriends step-mother tried so hard to make more things for me to eat, but there was literally bacon in everything! I ate potatoes and yams! And it was soooo good.

Then I said my goodbyes and drove back into town for my families much smaller scale dinner. After my brother and I had a minor scuffle, it wouldnt be a holiday right?, I ate with my parents and then settled on the couch to watch a movie.

We were supposed to go out again but once the boyfriend made it back, we were done for. We spent the rest of the night on the couch and it was wonderful.

Fall Over Friday.
Next up: The boyfriends Mom's side! This includes: his mother, step-dad, brother#1 and his beautiful wife (also her father and his wife today), brother #2 and his beautiful wife, and step brothers 1 and 2. Plus us! Wine tasting was the order of the day and they didnt have to tell me twice. 11am and we are off to the first vineyard! It was such a great day. Full of wine and casual conversation. I feel so lucky that hanging with my boyfriends families is so easy. Its comfortable and welcoming and I know that its not always that great of a situation for people. We visited 4 different vineyards and had a dinner at the last one. So much fun.

Of course his family wouldnt just have one holiday this weekend. It was his younger brothers birthday! BACK TO DADS SIDE! Dinner immediately following our wine tasting. I ordered a beer at sushi so my hangover wouldnt hit mid roll. His little brother loved the shirt we got him and adore the rubber band gun we also chose.

After another massive meal, we said out good byes and headed home for a quick change of clothes and we were supposed to be off for some fun with friends. We never left my house. We laid down next to the fire, big mistake, and ended the night with a hot tub. I liked plan b.

See EVERYONE Saturday.
I started this day with a drive out to my ex boyfriends to pick up my doggie for the day! Yay! We have a bit of a joint custody thing going on, so naturally, I would get some face time with the pooch this holiday weekend! It was good to catch up with him and his girlfriend a bit. But it was sooooo much better to see my puppy! I have had this dog for 5 years now and he really is the best dog in the entire world! i love him so much its stupid!

Then the boyfriend, the dog and I went off to my bestfriend Andi's new house for some quality catch up time! Her dog and mine are like best dog buds since they were puppies so they were very excited to play together too! But best of all I got to play with my little man, Bryce. Andi's son and the closest thing to a nephew i have! He is the cutest kid on the planet! I just adore him! I loved that I was able to spend a good amount of time with them!

Next I dropped the boyfriend off cause he had some more brotherly birthday duties to attend to (paintballing). I was going to go, but I finally opted out and went for a chill day with my parents. I took a little nap on their living room floor with my doggie and it was simply glorious! I hated saying goodbye to my parents. I love them so much and I feel like I never see them anymore now that I dont live in the same town. But it was a great holiday with them.

We ended the night back at the boyfriends mother's house. We had a lovely meal and more wine. Another couple of hours of hanging with the brothers and sisters in law and moms, dads and grandmas, and we had officially wrapped up the holiday in Eugene.

We hit the road at about 930 after ordering 2 large coffees from a drivethru window. We got through I think 2 rounds of 20 questions and then I passed out. Typical.

I really had an amazing holiday! Did you?


  1. Wow, it sounds busy. Chaotic, but wonder all the same.

  2. Busy busy busy! Sounds perfect though! Glad you had a lovely holiday!, tell us more about this ex and the joint custody. That's interesting blog worthy material right there, lady! ;)


  3. Melissa- wow is right, man, I cant believe I didnt use the word chaotic in my post! you nailed it!

    Lace- of course you would ask for that! haha, maybe ill just have to post about that very thing soon! maybe.




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