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Wow, what a crazy last couple of weeks. Its been nuts. And Im sorry it has resulted in neglecting my dear little blog. So what have I been up to you ask? Well, too much to list, but here is a big one! (thats what she said)

So, big news. Well kind of. The boyfriend and I are moving in together! In our minds we have basically been living together this entire time, but now we are making it official! We decided quite a while ago and we are both really excited!  I cant wait!

And so the lease to my apartment is up at the end of May, so I have been skimming craigslist to just get an idea of whats out there. Then all of the sudden, I found this amazing space. Seriously so cool. An industrial type loft with 20ft ceilings, concrete floors and a huge garage door that opens the lower space to the outside. It was also a live/work space so I could have my office down there and legally have clients there. So rad. So we went right over the next day to meet with the landlord and we loved it. And he seemed very nice and seemed so eager for us to get it, we were already convinced this would be our new home.

But that night I found these amazing apartments that I remember seeing built last year. There is this area in Portland called Mississippi that is simply amazing. It was the first neighborhood I got to know when I moved here, its so cool. I had had these apartments in mind when searching and finally found them online. We set up a viewing the next morning as our "back up plan". We fell in love. There are so many perks to this place its insane.

So after not hearing at all from the landlord of the first space (he didnt send the apps like he said he would, we called 4 times and each time he acted like it was a mistake and said he would send them again. He lied. Im sorry, but if you dont want us living in your space, please give me the respect of just telling me. I can handle it. That drives me nuts! Anyways...) we applied for the Mississippi lofts! We got them same day! And we are thrilled! We move in mid-may!

I have even bigger news coming too. I really really cant wait to tell you about what I am doing today, but you will just have to wait! Its big, its great, I am through the roof excited. And I will let you in on it tonight or tomorrow!!!
What have you been up to?


  1. Wow exciting news about moving in! Boyfriend and I have been living together for a year and I'm extremely happy and love it!! Its a huge event and life changing, but awesome, non-the-less!! Happy for you hun!!

    Keep us updated and let me know the NEWS!

  2. Lacey!! Yesss, I'm so excited for you both! You and the boyfriend are absolutely playing it smart by moving in together first before getting married (if that's the plan). It gives you time to get used to being around each other, used to each other's little quirks and habits that you may not realize exist, regardless of how much time you've spent together.

    The first loft sounds crazy, I've always dreamed of a space like that. But the second one sounds more suitable for you guys. By the sounds of it I don't think I could have passed it up either. :)

    Looking forward to what you're up to, I'm definitely intrigued!

  3. Exciting, Lacey!!! So happy for y'all! I am dying to know what else is up with you now! On the edge of my seat, woman! I'll keep checking back :)

  4. Congratulations!!! I can't wait to hear the rest of your news too!!

  5. I love exciting news!! I'm so happy for you all! And I can't wait to hear more great news! Please don't make us wait too long :) Happy Sunday!

  6. So amazing, I am insanely happy for you!

  7. That's so exciting! I'm happy for you guys!


  8. SOmetimes when things do not go as planned, it's usually meant to be that way, and you're destined for something else. In this case, the housing over at Mississippi! Best of luck, and congratulations. That must be so exciting.




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