10 things I learned this weekend...


1. If the bar Im at is playing HipHop, I still canNOT stay in my seat.
2. Cookies and Cream ice cream can always make me feel better.
3. I have to wear purple velvet for a Prince dance in an upcoming show.
4. I dont think one really becomes an adult until closer to 30. 
5. Sunny days are just better.
6. Kelly Cutrone speaks straight to my soul.
7. Inspiration can be overwhelming.
8. Alice in Wonderland is a visual feast. See it.
9. The Wonder Years is the best show of all time.
10. My best friend Rachelle seems like she is enjoying her life and that couldnt make me happier.
What did you learn this weekend?


  1. I agree with the hip hop!!! My booty has a mind of it's own when I hear it, can't help it! Lol

    I've learned that I take on too much, and need to prioritize in my life. That's my focus for the day!

    Hope you had a great weekend:-)

  2. loving it and I agree with you on the 30 year old adult thing.

  3. I LOVE Kelly Cutrone - are you reading her book? I want to read it but want to hear how it is before I buy it! :)

  4. great post.

    wonder years -- yes definitely!

    i'll have to think about what i learned...

    I’d love for you to stop by:

  5. Anonymous12.4.10

    Inspiration can definitely be overwhelming. One of the most wonderful feelings in the world is feeling inspired and using it as fuel to move forward and strive for things :) This weekend, I learned that I cannot control what other people think of me, I can only control how I choose to let it affect me. And when those people insist on throwing out negativity, I have the choice whether or not I let it bring me down with them. :)

  6. Definitely agree with 1 and 5! Love your list :)

  7. sunny days are definitely better :) sweet blog

  8. Number 8, yes it is! Everyone must see it.

  9. Hi!
    I agree with N 4 and like Emily Jane said, with N 7. Inspiration can be something amazing, it can save your day and give you wings to fly. Beautiful thoughts and lovely blog!

  10. this list is almost perfect but I actually learned this weekend that I still don't think I'm grown up and I am 30 ;-)

  11. Anonymous20.4.10

    love this.
    and yes, the swing up to 30 seems a more appropriate time to be all grown up. agreed.
    what did i learn? only i can choose my attitude. and sometimes, it's awful. this needs changing...
    and also, heck, time flies. it just goes and goes...half the time all i'm doing is huffing after it!

    love the posts.




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