A beach adventure!


Well, I am back from my mini adventure and it was so wonderful to get out of town even for just 24 hours. Rachelle, Grady, Kevin and I took off after everyone was off work and headed for a camp spot. We got to one after dark and had a pretty rough time making a fire as it got insanely windy just after we set up our tents. Luckily Grady had a camp stove and was able to cook us a mini feast as we tried to get some flames working. The night was short, cool but ultimately fun. Dex enjoyed the all the new smells and the air mattress!
In the morning we packed up and headed to the beach. We went to Smuggler's Cove, also known as Short Sands and Indian Beach. Its quite the surf spot and this small secluded beach was full of surfers and their dogs. So fun. Grady tried his hand at surfing but the cold got the best of him and he spent most of the afternoon laying in the sun with the rest of us. Dex wasnt quite sure about the waves at first, this being only his second time to the beach and all. But later I took him to what seemed like a dog party happening on one of the edges and he quickly became the life of the party. He had the whole group of pups sprinting after him in circles and in and out of the waves. He loved running in further than the rest of them and then laying down in the waves, he's such a little freak. He went absolutely nuts out there!
We had a wonderful day relaxing in the warm warm sunshine (not easy to find at the oregon coast!) I cant wait to camp again!

What adventures did you have this weekend?


  1. My goodness.. your time on at the Oregon beach looks just dreamy.

  2. It was indeed a short yet quality trip for you guys. What makes surfing exciting is the thrill. You don’t know when you will catch a good wave. I also love how your dog enjoyed the beach. This made me plan a short trip to the beach for the coming weekend!

    Donna Parsley

  3. Whoa, that's certainly a well-spent 24 hours. Going out from time to time is a great way to take a break and recharge yourself for the busy days in the city. It's so nice that Dex had a fun time too. There's nothing like lying on the sand with your best pals, just gazing at the beautiful sights along the shorelines.

    -Darius Cartmell




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