Dear anonymous commenter...


You wrote me a comment about my header image being copyrighted. I have been trying to find the artist to ask permission and/or give credit to but have had no luck. I have also had multiple bloggers interested in finding the artist as well and would love to pass on the name. If you are or know the artist I would appreciate the info instead of the threat. Why you would post the comment anonymously is beyond me when I am sensitive to all artists wishes involving their work. Id really appreciate it if you would share the info so I can speak with the artist myself.


  1. ooo boy, someone said something? yes anonymous tell us cause I want the artist to draw me something :)

  2. right!?! Ive been looking for the artist forever and have no idea. then i get a threat from someone, I just want the info man! if the artist wants it down then I would OFCOURSE take it down, but I hope they want it up cause they will get lots of love in return. So many people as about it!

  3. People are so tough when anonymous.

  4. oh geez I remember asking you for the artist info too tell anony if they know then why don't they just share rather than being a dip shit about it? LOL Love ur blog! don't change it!

  5. Kelli Murray is the artist.

    Have you tried using something like pinterest to keep track of where you find your photos? I know how easy it can be to just save things and forget where you got them, but it's super important you find a way to get that information on your blog posts. Imagine if someone was using your photos and not crediting you.

    I love your blog and everything you post, but I have to admit I do get frustrated to see that I never see credit back on anything you post. If you missed a couple here and there that would be one thing, but the norm is that you don't even attempt to keep track of where you found things, which is unfair to the people who's work you're using. Like I said, I love your blog and have definitely been guilty of not crediting back before when I sincerely lost track of something, but most of the time I choose not to post if I can't find the original source.

    Hope this makes sense you don't take it the wrong way! Just trying to be helpful!

  6. liz! thank you so much!
    yes, i just started with pinterest, it is exactly what I needed! i have tried to keep track and failed so many times and must admit, i had just kind of given up. I am very excited to keep track with pinterest! its so so amazing. thanks again girl!

  7. yay :) hope you're enjoying this sunny weather we're having!




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a folding, umbrellalike, fabric device for allowing a person, to float down safely through the air from a great height.

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