WARNING: shits about to get personal!


What is it with this month? Is it a month for changing or what? I have seen multiple bloggers writing about how they are revamping their blog or changing it in some way because their blog has gone in a different direction. I myself had a similar post ready to be published with many of the same claims for a month now, but decided to start from scratch, today. Today is the day. 

My blog has shaped into something very different than when I started it. Not that it is a bad thing but I am not sure I like the reasons why. First off, I slowly got away from posting about my day to day experiences and photos. This past year has been a very crazy time for me. Lots of emotional and physical changes that at times were just too much for me to handle. I stopped sharing my life on here. I couldnt shape my thoughts and feelings enough to describe it all to myself so I dont know how I would have explained it all to you. Instead I would post mostly outer inspirations. These are things that really did speak to me and help me through whatever I was going through at that time and they all seemed to really speak to you guys too. I get a lot of positive feedback when I share the things that inspire me and I love that. I love to pass the inspiration on and hopefully help someone else. But in only posting these types of things I am loosing out on a lot of the benefits that got me into blogging in the first place. Like documentation of my real life experiences, it really means a lot to be able to just click back and see images from an amazing but understated day or a quote that really lets you know how and where I was one random week in april. Also, the amazing kind of encouragement and therapy that sharing real issues, ideas or successes with an audience that really cares and can help.  And not to forget, the friends and family that stop by on the blog since they cant as easily stop by my apartment and get the run down of whats been going on with me this month. 

So with all of that said, this is my claim. To start anew. I will of course still be posting all of the wonderful things that inspire me on a daily basis, but I will also be writing a lot more about me and my daily adventures. (I have already started if you havent noticed:) I have a LOT of big changes coming up and I am planning of fully embracing them and making lots of little changes alongside of them (one coming up next week). I just wanted to drop you all a little line and let you know about the change, perhaps a little preparation. I love you all for sticking by me and dropping your little notes of love and encouragement. You have kept me going this long!

Where is your blog at?
Is it where you hoped or want it to be?


  1. We all have our own comfort levels, certain degrees to which we'll share. And whatever works for you is valid Lacey because, after all, it's your blog.

    However an irresistible draw for me has ALWAYS been someone who will allow themselves to be vulnerable. What they write about isn't nearly as important; it could be tremendously uplifting or extremely dark. But I find when someone just writes what they feel even in the bad times it resonates with me like nothing else. Because these are feelings all of us have at some point but few are comfortable sharing.

    I've been where you are now. I gradually became comfortable revealing more facets of myself (most recently through erotic writing); and like you I look back at where I started and how my blog has transformed.

    I think the best place to be is when you hit the Publish button and think "Shit, I can't believe I just posted that." Whatever scares you, gets your heart racing when you see it on your blog- that's where your growth is.

    I really hope you'll write what you feel good and bad, I'll stick around for anything. After all, it's what drew me to you in the first place. And I'm still here.

    BTW: With a face like that it's a shame we don't see more of you here. :)

  2. yay, I'm excited to hear this Lacey. I think reading about other blogger's day to day lives can be really interesting. They're my favorite kind of blogs. And it's good that you're staying true to yourself and writing about what you want to write, rather than just writing for US, the readers. I'll still be here, following along!

  3. Yours was one of the first blogs I followed. I followed because it was beautiful, and have continued because, well, it's inspiring. Like you said.

    I'm excited that we'll be seeing a little more of yourself here as well :).

    (I'm happy with my blog except I wish the motivation didn't wane as it tends to. I also wish I could easily fit more of a niche).

  4. Anonymous16.11.10

    You're right, so many people are changing their blogs, their attitudes, and i think thats a great thing.

    I actually recently got my own hosted blog, so that was a big change for me. i didn't know where I would end up when I started blogging. I just figured I'd try it out. Since I started my blogging has been a whole bunch of change. Its mostly a personal observation blog, I guess, but I do feel bored with it. I just wish I know how to get motivated.

  5. i absolutly LOVE your blog - it inspires me daily - I love love love it ; the quotes, the pictures, the words of encouragement, everything - dont change a thing; I only wish that you blogged more :)

  6. I am right where you are. I am along with you when you said you'd write more about your inspirations than yourself. It's like that for me too, I just can't find the old me that used to write everything and anything-, I'd read other people's blog to find an inpiration (including your blog) because I can't get myself to write about myself!
    I can't wait for your new change,
    btw you inspire me, alot.

  7. I love you for you and wanna hear and see more!

  8. I think all blogs go through an evolution.. I just recently found you but I'm excited to learn more! I recently changed the name of my blog... I threw it up on a whim two years ago and the name didn't suit me so I changed the look and name to one that did. Very happy I did!

  9. My blog has been pretty consistant in what I actually write about from the begining...I do write a lot about my life which is boring, so instead of changing my blog I decided to change my life. Thats so i can still post about me & have people interested.

    I have noticed that having a blog has improved my writing. The only thing I dont like is that I've had a blog for two years not that many people read it...I dont know how to get followers.

    Change is good, keep up the good blog :-)

  10. I've read this a few months too late, but I feel what you're saying here. I've been in a similar dilemma myself, since I know that people I encounter in every day life have found my blog and started following it. I dunno. I have those days when I feel like I don't mind sharing my life and thoughts with people I've not met, as opposed to people I do...

    I agree with the other people who commented- you've got a lovely blog :)




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