My wonderful weekend...


Eugene. My hometown. I adore it, I really do. This weekend was simply wonderful. 

It started Friday, with a photoshoot. A family shoot for a cool girl I went to high school with. Her family was so radtastic, I couldnt have asked for a better group. They were game for anything, which I love! I also took a few shots of just Tara for her website and blog. She cooks awesome food and she has even created her own spice and gave some to me! Even though I havent cooked with it yet, it smells so good I want to die! PLUS, my friend Stephanie came along to hang with Tara and help me out. I loved everything about this shoot. Here is one of the last shots I took of miss Tara, isnt she lovely? Go check out her site and blog too!

Later that night, it was time for girls night! Bah! I love my girlfriends. I dont have a lot but the ones I have are auhmazing! A couple of them have kids so it is hard to get us all out at the same time, so we have started a little tradition of having girls night in. Its a blast. This time we had most of the gang. AND our newest addition, my friend Jessica that we met when she started dating one of my all time favorite guy friends. She is literally the sweetest person in the entire world. We all stayed in and drank whipped cream vodka and PBR. Good combo I know. Oh and the champagne that for some reason Juliette and I decided we need to go to the store for. (we didnt need to)  It was so much fun though. I love my girls with all my heart and couldnt imagine my life with out them. Here is a group shot (of course I am not in it, I took it) and my favorite of the 3 that made it the longest ( us - 0 whipped cream vodka - 1).

Saturday was fairly dreadful and I have only the whipped cream vodka that I just previously raved about to blame. I stayed in bed and watched the football game that most my friends went to. Go ducks. I ended up staying in all night watching movies and oprah on my moms DVR. I ended up having a pretty wonderful time too.

And today was also a pretty epic Eugene day. I have this friend. He is pretty super. His name is Liam but no matter what, I still call him Wiky. Rachelle and I met him at some snowboarding events. He was the DJ and we LOVED him. He was playing the best mixes we had ever danced to. He noticed us totally jammin and gave us a shout out. We met him later that night and the rest is history. He is one of our favorite boys ever and by far the best DJ I know. Seriously. SO good. We had a coffee date for this morning. He told us to meet him at Sundance, our coolest local grocery store, they have all the best natural and organic stuff. They were having a tasting. I never knew they did this but it was sooooo cool. Free tastings of everything, coffee, cheese, fruit, jam, beer and my fave of the day, the PESTO! It was so cool, so hippie, so Eugene. Here are some snaps I took of it.

 Rachelle was very serious about her tasting!
 Such love.
 The PESTO! So good!

 So intense at the beer tasting. Look at Wiky! I just wanna pinch his little cheeks!
 I loved all the names of these seasonal beers! So funny!

And here is my dearest Wiky. He is such magnetic soul. I adore him. He brought his friend and roommie Tucker and we all four had a great little coffee date. We talked about fun and photography. It couldnt have been better.

I also got to spend a lot of time with my amazing family. I love them so much. This whole weekend made me realize that as we get older and everyone begins to move further along their own paths we have got to put out the effort to have these little girls nights and coffee dates to keep the good people in your life around. I feel so happy and rejuvenated after spending time with people I love.

How was your weekend?


  1. Wow, these pictures are fantastic!!! Loving your town and all those pretty leaves too! Sounds as though you and your friends had a wonderful time...maybe a little too much with the vodka! ;) What you said in your last paragraph is SO true...I have realized this true, and with each year this is more and more important!

    Liesl :)

  2. The beer names are so much fun! The pictures are gorgeous! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. Loved it! Love you!

  4. relaxing relaxing relaxing and a bit of shopping:)

    btw I'm addicted to pesto!

  5. Looks like you had loads of fun! Stay blessed :D

  6. Anonymous9.11.10

    the grocery store reminds me so much of vancouver! boo ya west coast living...i love all the organics, the beer, the homegrown goodness.

    looks like an awesome weekend!

  7. The tasting seemed like a good time spent with great friends. I'm going to have to get my friends to do something like that with me :-)




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