Birthday week!


Birthday week started on a tuesday night. The boyfriend brought home wine, chocolate cake and beautiful roses. Then at midnight I was surprised with the most beautiful vintage typewriter. Turquoise even! I was so surprised and so happy! We spent the night just hanging and watching tv shows. It was wonderful.

Then, wednesday, my actual birthday, I had a wonderful day at work with the kiddos, tons of running around and playing. Then I had a bday bbq at Laurelhurst park with a great group of friends. Then off to a bar for a couple more beers.

And lastly, I had a big bbq party at my parents house in Eugene! It was so fun. So many great friends came! I had a wonderful time! Then we went out to my favorite bar and danced the night away! I only took a few photos, but here they are.

Dex was pooped after all the fun. And I must say, so was I.
A wonderful birthday week!


  1. Fun! Your boyfriend did a great job with that gift!

  2. Looks like lots of fun and what a wonderful gift :)

  3. What a wonderful birthday you had! I love all the pictures and your boyfriend is quite the keeper...I love it!

    Liesl :)

  4. Wow, so cool! The typewriter is really spectacular. xo

  5. Fun photos, and what an amazing birthday week you had!

  6. Anonymous1.9.10

    everything a birthday should be!!

    Happy belated!

  7. me, you and sam all have turquoise vintage typewriters. :) that makes me smile.

  8. Anonymous9.9.10

    Happy birthday!! That typewriter is amazing!!

    new follower! :)




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