Show me some SKIN!


Oh hi. See these two cool kids? These are two of my favorite friends ever. They are rad, for so many reasons. But the newest of reasons is because they just made an awesome new business. ENTER: Recover!

They make awesome wood skins for your Apple products. Yep! Real wood skins! So hot! Here is some more info straight from their website. 

"Decorative skins are nothing new.  We’re not here to re-invent the wheel, we just make it look good.  We believe Apple products deserve more than cheap vinyl stickers splattered with cheesy graphics.  Recover skins are intended to compliment the simplistic style of Apple products and allow for distinction that matches your own.  By incorporating minimalistic design and limited manipulation, Recover merges classic with contemporary to redefine the ordinary.
Recover skins are precision laser-cut from authentic wood veneers.  Each unique piece is hand sanded, stained, and lacquered in Recover’s Portland-based woodshop to ensure long lasting beauty and protection.  All skins are constructed with professional grade 3M adhesive backing that allows for simple and strong adhesion while still allowing for removal if desired.  Each one-of-a-kind piece is designed to fit your devices specific model and size."

They are seriously cool! They have five different kinds of wood to choose from. You should hop on over and check em out! And hey, if you love em, just like I know you will, go on and share the love, give a little linkage, show a little skin. Thanks for lookin!


  1. preyy awesome. i might have to try it for mine!

  2. Wauw, looks nice!

  3. LOVE the top pic of them -it's awesome.

  4. What an wonderful idea they've come up with.




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a folding, umbrellalike, fabric device for allowing a person, to float down safely through the air from a great height.

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